About Us

At the turn of the last century the company that would dominate children’s entertainment for our lives began its amazing journey into 20th century new media.  Disney set the standards for every type of media and product for kids. One hundred years later there are many new players on the scene and the industry is in a state of change that will recreate these standards.  This century’s new media is no longer just Disney’s domain. The doors are open for new competition yet very few companies are up to the task of creating quality multi-genre children’s entertainment rooted in solid intellectual properties. I.D.E.A. is committed to restoring innocence in childhood entertainment.  We are a millennium company and social caring; transparent management and community responsibility are cornerstones of our philosophy.

I.D.E.A.’s Learning World of Oville is visually stunning and fully interactive. It's virtual world presentation is the future of the Internet. This living cartoon for young children is unique on the web and the safety of the environment is unparalleled. Oville is a growing community that explores behaviour and social relationships through fun and games. The development includes education curriculums in language arts, mathematics, science, art and music. 

I.D.E.A. Animation has attracted one of Vancouver’s most talented teams of animators and their vast industry experience will enable them to produce a great variety of product, from online streaming video through full screen major film presentations.  We have completed our first three animated music videos. 

I.D.E.A. Music combines multi-genre songs performed by many different Canadian artists, with the stories of Oville. Our distribution agreement with Warner Records will help bring our first CD to market.  Our second CD will be released this summer and will feature Opera, Calypso and the Blues, amongst others. 

I.D.E.A. Toys & Games has manufactured its first line of merchandise. We have several patentable products and one-of-a-kind toys. Our recent partnership in China will take us into the digital age with a new line of electronic educational games. 

I.D.E.A. Publishing has produced its first 10 books and 16 e-books. Reading should never be replaced, as a bonding event between parents and children so published books are a must as well. The long term plans combine animation and technology to bring fun and education to our young readers. 

I.D.E.A. and Variety the Children Charity partnered in November 2011 to raise awareness of children with special needs.  I.D.E.A. built the virtual Variety House in Oville and created our little Charitee, a Cackleberry confined to a wheelchair due to a birth mishap where she lost her bounce.