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Reinforce Learning with Oville.

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Learning doesn't just happen in the Classroom, it continues everywhere in Oville. After completing their daily lessons in the school, your child can explore and use what they learned exploring the virtual world of Oville.


Early numeracy is a fundamental skill and Oville has fun places where children can play as they practice counting and other math skills. Visit Mumbee's house to learn the basics of counting, addition, subtraction, and multiplication in a fun math game, and discover more places to learn in the big wide Oville world.


The world of Oville contains many great art activities for your child to learn art and express their creativity. The Cackleberries will teach your child all of the primary colours, and basic colour theory, such as how some colours are made by combining others. At Mumbee's house, your child can also colour and paint to their heart's content.


Oville’s library is full of books with read-along stories and alphabet activities! Your child gets to learn new words while going along with a new Cackleberries adventure.

Plus, while out in the Oville world, the Word-Bar at the top of the screen displays and speaks the name of objects your child points at throughout the world. There are hundreds of new words to learn!


The Cackleberries have an amazing collection of original music that your child can sing along to, and learn about many great things including sharing and friendship.

With Nestor's Music Maker, your child can even *make their own music!*

Nestor's Music Room also teaches your child about all sorts of musical instruments.


Every game is an opportunity for a child to learn effortlessly. Oville contains several games that teach your child complex skills such as visual logic, reasoning and problem solving.

There are also games to teach sensitivity to persons of disability, fire safety, and much much more.


Every house in Oville has some amazing things to teach your child through games and activities. All your child has to do is bounce around to each house with their Cackpal and explore this amazing world of fun and learning.

Be sure to check out the firehouse to learn about fire safety, and Charitee's Variety House where visitors can play Ramp Builder and learn about people with disabilities.


Before starting their Oville Learning Adventure, your child gets to create their very own Cackpal, an avatar which they use to bounce around Oville.

Cackpals let your child express their individuality.


The virtual world of Oville is brought to life by industry-leading animators. Children will enjoy this ever expanding world where almost everything they click on comes to life.

As your child enjoys the world of Oville, we continue to work on exciting new characters, houses, and areas, full of new learning through new games, activities, and lessons.