Crafts – a Great Way to Bond with Children

Teachers and parents know that crafting has long been a great way to bond with children. It’s a great way to stimulate all five senses and create a positive, fun and relaxing environment that can be used to build trust, respect and love. Make a connection – If you are having trouble connecting with your […]

Creative Kid Party Invitation Ideas

Why spend the money on those boring party invitations that everyone uses when you can make your own? Scrapbook stores are the perfect place to go when you want to make your own party invitations. All you have to do is visit a scrapbook supply store and your creativity will spark with ideas. Handmade party […]

Preschool: It’s More Than Finger Paints and Nap Time

In order to prepare your child for the educational process, it is important to emphasize that preschool isn’t a place to go just to have fun. Explaining to a child what preschool means and why it’s important to learn as much as they can, while expressed in an exciting way, can be an encouraging factor […]