Your Child's First App

At Speckles’ House, your child can learn important life skills like:

Shape Matching
and Wardrobe Planning.
Enjoy new songs, colour and learn all about Butterflies.

Speckles’ House

Speckles, the daughter of Queen Lizaba, a Monarch butterfly, is Oville’s little princess. Her room is pink and flowery. Her music is always gentle.

Speckles picks flowers and will ask your child to help by sharing them around Oville.

Her educational passion is all about bugs and the first knowledge she shares is dear to her heart: butterflies just like her mom.

Learn, Laugh and Grow!

Every house in Oville contains a bookcase of stories and a music device playing the homeowner’s favourite songs.

Count Ladybugs


Shape Matching

Dress-up like a Princess

Colouring, Stories and Music

Learn About Butterflies