Time Saving Tips for Moms

Time is a precious commodity and those who learn to use theirs wisely will always be ahead of the game. First the bad news, the one thing you can’t do is add more hours to your day. No matter what, it’s just not going to happen. The good news, you can do certain things to make every precious minute count and in turn leave you with more free time.

Plan ahead – Don’t go anywhere without a list. Especially if you have the kids with you, you’re more likely to forget something without a list. So, don’t go on your errand run or shopping trip without a list. Also try to go shopping in the evenings when there are less people in the store. Why waste an hour fighting the crowds when you can be done in 30 minutes. Better yet, do your shopping online.

Meal Plan – Plan meals for the upcoming week and write your shopping list according to the meals. Make sure you stick the meal plan on the fridge so you can know what foods need to be thawed daily, etc. This will save you a lot of time and money.

Buy in Bulk – If you have the space, plan ahead and buy things in bulk. You’ll save money and precious time by not having to go to the supermarket so often.

Pay Your Bills Electronically – If you can do this then you should. You will save a lot of time by not having to write out and mail cheques. If you really can’t or choose not to do this, then set up a work station and keep your cheque book, stamp, envelopes, pens close at hand. You can also have a calendar with all your important dates and appointments written on there. Go a step further and have an inbox for mail and papers that need to be files. You’ll never waste time looking for these things again.

Don’t Let The Housework Pile Up – There’s nothing worst than spending your weekends cleaning. If you do a little bit each day you won’t ever need to spend a whole day cleaning. For example, do a load of laundry daily rather than letting it all pile up for Saturday, same thing with the vacuuming and other tasks. Once the weekend comes around the house should be fairly organized. You may just have to give the bathroom and kitchen a good clean, leaving you with plenty of time to enjoy your family.

Organize Your Home – Spend a little time organizing your house. The time spent doing this will save you a lot of time and hassle in return. Have a set place for everything. For example, have a place near the front door where you can hang your keys and purse. Don’t forget items like umbrellas, hats, gloves and scarves for those rainy or cold days. Set up storage for the kids toys or all magazines and books. Have bins for recycling handy. Get the kids to take care of those.

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