Oville World

We created Oville World to become a child’s first app. We want the adults in a child’s life to have peace of mind knowing their child will receive positive messages, education and life skills that encourage compassion, healthy living and critical thinking.

Oville World is an educational app that gives your child a head start. They will learn valuable reading, numeracy and problem-solving skills as they navigate intuitively through a fun interactive, safe place designed especially for young children their age.

Our 2- to 5-year-old audience are the most impressionable and protecting their innocence while we help them learn and grow is our first objective.

Oville World is owned and operated by International Digital Education Access (I.DE.A.) I.D.E.A.’s core purpose is to advance education through digital technologies.

Our Mission

At Oville World, we strive to be the leading provider in educational entertainment for children, by creating a truly safe space for children around the world to learn, play and grow. We at Oville World hope to restore innocence in childhood entertainment by providing the world’s safest, most immersive educational platform.