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The Safest Place to Play Online

We are the safest place for young learners to experience their first uniquely designed virtual world app built especially for children ages 2-5.

  • No advertising
  • No external links
  • No pop-up ads
  • No social media
  • No access to browsers
  • No access to malware, adware or spam
  • No in game purchases
  • 100% positive, appropriate content for ages 2-5
  • Independent interactive play with characters in the game (no unsafe live chats)

Specially Designed for Young Learners

Oville World has been specifically designed by early childhood educators and tested by preschoolers themselves. Unlike anything else, Oville has been built to be intuitive for early learners so they can gain independence and confidence playing on their own.

  • Simple child intuitive navigation
  • Help menu and map
  • Kindergarten readiness skills
  • Sight reading word bar with large fonts

“My 3 year old daughter, was able to explore Oville World and play the games all on her own! Her confidence is growing every day as she learns desirable computer skills and kindergarten readiness skills.”

~Janice Smith, Vancouver BC



Educational Content Everywhere!

Oville World is a growing world of interactive educational games.

  • Alphabet, printing letters, sight reading
  • Numbers, counting and numeracy
  • Colors, shapes and geography
  • Problem solving and spatial reasoning
  • Organization, sorting and matching
  • Fours C’s: critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity
  • Character skills and manners
  • Many other life skills including, recycling, fire safety, water safety, exercise, healthy eating and manners

Inspiring Compassion, Creativity and Confidence

Oville World is a magical place that teaches life-skills in addition to early reading and math.

The inspiration behind the creative genius of oville is to build a safe, kind and compassionate place that young children and their parents can be entertained while learning.

By having a virtual world with animation where characters and children can interact, our children are given the chance to immerse themselves in positive play with characters in the game. This educational and positive play can be taken offline and reinforced through other activities.

“Oville World is a kind and compassionate place. My two boys are learning about empathy and sharing while they practice early math skills and reading. Many thanks!”



Children Learn Through Play

Oville World is an exploration where children interact with animations that teach along the way. The best way for children to learn is through play. The virtual world of Oville is brought to life by industry-leading animators. Children will enjoy this ever expanding world where items they click on come to life.

  • Word bar and audio
  • Child friendly navigation
  • An avatar of your own
  • Your own house that gets built over time
  • Play and create your own music
  • Coloring and drawing
  • Clickable surprises
  • An expanding world to explore with educational animations throughout

Oville World was created to foster creativity, critical thinking, and a joy in learning through play.

What Your Oville Membership Includes

oville-new-logoEach child has their own avatar and home to decorate. Your avatar is able to explore the town round and beyond meeting characters and playing games. Many fun surprises are part of the adventure! Included in this every growing virtual world are:

  • 1,000+ English nouns taught by the Word Bar
  • 30+ educational games
  • 22+ animated characters
  • 16+ play-and-learn zones
  • 20+ songs
  • 16+ books
  • 6+ animated videos
  • A growing interactive virtual world to explore

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My kids love Oville World. I’m so thankful someone got it right! My child is introduced safely to technology in a safe place that teaches her life-skills and kindergarten prep. I’m so thankful someone got it right!

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Colleen P.

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