What is Oville World?

Oville World is an online fantasy world where children age two to five are welcome to play, create and learn as they explore the ever-growing world. Oville is a safe virtual world for young learners to engage their curiosity and is the future of online learning for children.

Oville is fun!

By offering a safe and non-violent site for children to explore, Oville World will delight your child, inspire creativity, and build reading, math and developmental skills.

Is Oville safe?


Protecting children is the cornerstone of our business. We guarantee that your child has NO access to the web. More importantly, no one on the web has access to your child.

As fellow parents and grandparents, our commitment to safety also extends to the content we share with your child. We have a strict policy of no advertising, no sexuality, no violence, and no discrimination. In short, no inappropriate content of any kind!

Our values drive everything we do here at Oville. Our aim is to provide your child with a safe, morally sound place to play online. The multi-ethnic population of Oville promotes acceptance and respect.

What does Oville World provide to children?

Oville provides a growing world full of imaginative learning opportunities – read-along books; spatial reasoning, memory, speed, and counting games; multiple genres of music; exercise; their very own customizable and unique Cackpal friend; as well as their very own House in the Town Round!

We have incorporated innocent childhood fantasies into our living cartoons. From Blanche Mange’s Castle to the Aerocack Academy – every home will be a discovery unto itself.

How does my child play?

Intuitively, however the game begins with a tutorial that is included in the creation of their avatar, a Cackpal, and their custom home. Your child guides the Cackpal down the pathways to visit the various houses. There are clickables, collectibles and games along the way. To enter a house the Cackpal presents at the front door. Each house incudes books, music, games, colouring and other activities.

When can my child start playing?

Oville has been designed for children 2-5. Given that children as young as 2 years old are now on tablets and mobile phones everywhere, we felt it was important to offer a better alternative to other digital games. Our position is that technology is here to stay and giving your child the head start in understanding the use of computers is now a necessary early child development skill. . Making sure your child is exposed to safe and appropriate content is important to ensure their limited screen time is of the highest quality.

There are very few applications on the market that are comprehensive. Oville introduces children to physical, academic and emotional learning opportunities at an age appropriate level.

What makes Oville World better than other sites?

Oville really can’t be compared to any other site as there is nothing else like this. With years in the making, we have yet to find another digital learning site that meets our goals. Our safe, age-appropriate world is the best first access to the internet. In every way our children come first. We build specifically for them, not for advertisers.

I don’t want my child playing video games.

Nor did I!! The image of a child so fixated to their phone or tablet that they have no idea what is happening around them is heart-breaking. Oville isn’t just a game, although there are many educational and fun games designed specifically for our audience. Oville is a complete learning experience and we encourage offline activities. While visiting Oville World, Duke our big blue bird, will randomly show up and guide your child through a simple exercise routine. Nestor will lead them in dance and song and Mumbee will help them learn to be kind and acquire life skills. Snoggler has a great set of teeth and pushes everyone to learn to brush correctly. These reinforcing life-skill lessons come with our core commitment to introduce reading, counting and early preparation for pre-school. Don’t let your child play time wasting video games, give them so much more. Give them Oville World to explore.

What makes Oville the safest place online for preschoolers?

The content created for Oville is age appropriate and has been reviewed by our advisory board of parents and educators to meet stringent standards.

We do not allow advertisers access to your children and there are no advertisements nor solicitation in the site.

There are no pop-ups and no outbound links.

Your child is not identified by the program in anyway, other than the account created for their avatar.

Oville is a virtual world, but it does not allow chat with other players.

Read more about our commitment to safety here.

How can I enhance my child’s experience in Oville World?

Although Oville World was created to be easily mastered by the youngest player, enjoying books, music and games with your child can only help develop their passion for learning. We created characters that every child can relate to. Barkley has a stuttering problem and our poor Quevo’s imagination leads him to not always tell the truth. Speckles is very kind and Sushee wants everyone to learn to read. Review the character profiles provided to all full-access members and identify the character that suits your child’s current needs.

Reading has always been a wonderful parent/child bonding experience. It hasn’t changed. You can sit with your child and read along with our karaoke books or mute them and read directly to your child. The bright illustrations and character recognition will make Oville Library a favourite destination.

There is so much to do and see, there is something for everyone; child alone or parents and children together. We won’t even mind if a grown-up wants to play for a while.

What do children learn in Oville?

Oville has moved beyond the three R’s and is focusing and the new four C’s of education: critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication. There is much to learn in Oville, includes but not limited to:

  • Language Arts – reading, alphabet, spelling, writing, sight reading
  • Mathematics – numbers, counting, early arithmetic, currency, shapes, patterns, sequencing
  • Music & Art – music, colours & mixing, drawing, multiple genres
  • Problem Solving – recycling, memory games, matching games, sorting, organizational skills, building, decision making, exploration and quests
  • Science – early science, temperature, water cycles, problem solving, observation, insect studies
  • Life Skills – fire safety, water safety, empathy and caring, nutrition, helping others, exercise, dress-up, cleaning your room, personal hygiene, pet caring & responsibility, budgeting & saving

What’s included with a full-access membership?

Every full-access membership is a family membership allowing up to three children to have their own personalized experience. Oville is growing world and new content is regularly added to continue the adventure.

Full access to Oville World includes a growing library of games, songs, books, lessons, animations, adventure and fun.

Our full-access membership includes two illustrated PDF booklets, the Parent’s Guide to Oville and Meet the Ovillians to enhance your child’s experience.

Periodically, if you have opted into our email program, we will send colouring pages, recipes, pdf books, animated videos and other exclusive full-access members only content.

Does Oville World offer a free trial?

Yes! In addition to the free limited-play membership that includes access to some of the content in the six main houses, every paid membership includes 7 days free access before billing.

Why is Oville World a membership site?

We do not believe targeting young children with advertising is ethical. Oville World includes no advertisements, no sales pitches and no solicitation to your child. Children come to play and learn. We do not sell to children; parents are our customers. By making Oville a membership site, our revenue comes from our low monthly fee.

How often will I be billed?

Annual and sixth month memberships will be a one-time charge applied to the credit card you provided 7 days after your child begins to play.

Monthly billing will commence 7 days after you child begins to play and will be charged to your card every month thereafter until you cancel.


What are the system requirements to use Oville World?
iPhone 6s or newer
iPad Air 2 or newer
iOS 11