Oville Public Library

Miss Honeybun and Hemingway will be your guide to the fabulous world of books!

Every page holds a new adventure for your child, fostering imagination and growth of creativity for your loved one! Spelling, grammar, stories and more are what Ovilles’ Public Library is all about!

Frobit Alphabet Sing-a-long

Learn, Laugh and Grow!

Activities in the Library include our Frobit Alphabet song, Alphabet Letter Line to practice saying and printing letters and most importantly books. Oville offers books that promote reading skills and books that teach listening. New books are added every month and all books are read‐along, even the hard ones.

Unlockable Books

Learning Letters

Writing Upper & Lower Case

Read-A-Long Books that Speak

Find out about Frobits!

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  • Sing the Alphabet Song
  • Practice Printing Letters
  • Learn to Read
  • Develop Listening Skills
  • New Additions Coming
  • Improve Pronounciation