Welcome to Oville, the greatest place to Learn!

When you choose Oville World as your child’s first app, you have peace of mind knowing your child will receive positive messages, education and life skills that encourage compassion, healthy living and critical thinking.

Oville World is an educational app that gives your child a head start. They will learn valuable reading, numeracy and problem-solving skills as they navigate intuitively through a fun interactive, safe place designed especially for young children their age.

Oville World nurtures creativity and imagination through interactive play that is always fun and safe. Children can design and build their own home, create their own avatar and learn responsibility taking care of their pet Frobit. They will be thrilled to earn Jixxle coins to purchase clothing and furniture at the General Store, having fun as the gain an understanding of money, savings and commerce.

Oville is a growing community where members can explore and be greeted with new content regularly. With the exciting feel of a virtual world, children interact with animated characters. Each unique character, with a passion for teaching their favourite subject will share their own books, learning games and music from how sound works, cleaning up your room, to the metamorphosis of a butterfly.

The creators welcome you and your child to discover Oville World, an imaginative place that sparks creativity, inclusion and kindness.

Designed in consultation with parents, children and early educators. This intuitive app is designed especially for 3-5 year olds is the perfect first app to give them a head start in school and develop social skills. It is built to encourage healthy choices and cooperation.