Variety - The Children’s Charity
Welcome Variety House and Our New Ambassador, Charitee

Oville World gives us a unique opportunity to reach the youngest audience and include wonderful examples of inclusivity, and living with different abilities in their play and learning.

Lessons learned in early childhood can last a lifetime. Sharing Charitee's experiences, playing her games, reading her books and enjoying her music is the best way to demonstrate different and the same.

Variety House is the newest app in Oville World. It is Charitee's home. As she lost her bounce and rolls happily on with life in a wheelchair, her house needed some customizing. Charitee is of course more the same than different as your child will learn. She is a leader and will share all she learns about her favourite topics: kindness and mobility.

Oville World is designed to be a child's first app. It is intuitively easy for many two years old, mastered by the age of four and still interesting at the age of five.

The Town Round, a customizable avatar and house, and a collection of free destinations, each including games, songs, stories and more is FREE in your app store. Adding more play and learn destinations is as simple as walking your avatar to the house and knocking on the door…or in the more traditional store in the adult section of the app.

Get your first 6-app Oville bundle free from you app store and add Variety House for only

50% of all proceeds goes directly to Variety The Children’s Charity.
Variety House, like all homes in Oville will continue to grow.

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